Lector and Eucharistic Ministers Schedule



January 2021

Date              Saturday 5pm                                      Sunday 10 am    

Jan 2/3             Lynette Forbes-Cardey (L)                              Kelly Welch (L)

Jan 9/10          Lois Anderson (L)                                            Sue Brytowski (L)

Jan 16/17        Mary Kay Borgstrom (L)                                   Becky Gallik (L)

Jan 23/24        Nancy Mach (L)                                                Barb Skluzacek (L)

Jan 30/31         Kathy Wimmer (L)                                           Deanna Jahnz (L)




  1. If you cannot attend on the dates and times assigned, please find your own replacement.  It is important to be on time, fifteen minutes before Mass begins, so that we can coordinate any special arrangements when these are required. 
  2. LECTORS: Note that you do not bow to the Cross when carrying the Lectionary (Book of Readings) in procession to the Altar. Note also that the proclamation at the end of the Readings should be: THE WORD OF THE LORD! Remember that the microphone amplifies only what you give it!  Leave the Lectionary in the Lectern at the end of Mass.
  3. MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION:   Distributed by Priest only at this time.  When return, both Forms, the Body of Christ and the Blood of Christ will be ministered at all the masses. You will then be given the cup with a purifacator. You will wait for father (and the Deacon if there is one) to go to the middle in front of the altar to distribute the Body of Christ.  At the same time one of you will go the the right and stand on the floor by the musicians and the other person to the left and stand by the floor by the statue of Mary. You will say: “The Blood of Christ“, and give them the cup. You will then take the cup and wipe it off with the purificator. If you run out of the Blood of Christ you will go to the altar and place your cup on the altar and wait for Father and the other Ministers of Holy Communion. You both then go back to your pews at the same time.  If there is any consecrated wine left in your cup, please go back to the altar and consume the remaining consecrated wine before you place the cup on the altar.Come up to the altar after Father has consumed the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  You will receive the Body of Christ and then the Blood of Christ.  If there is no Deacon of the Mass there will be three minister of Holy Communion. Two will be given a cup and one a ciborium. The one with the ciborium will go to the middle in front of the altar to distribute the Body of Christ with Father.  Otherwise If there is a Deacon no minister of Holy Communion is needed.

Thank you and God Bless You!