Altar Server Schedule

December 2017 & January 2018

Please Note:

1. Please mark on your calendars the dates you are to serve to help remind you and plan to be in sacristy 10 minutes prior to Mass.

2. Remember, you are responsible to get your replacement if you cannot make your day .

3. If your phone number is incorrect, would like to change Mass times or be removed from the Servers’ List, please contact Laura Miller at 629-3911 or

Change in scheduling practice: We would still like to have servers at the Saturday 5:00pm Mass but we will not be scheduling servers at this time. If you are attending a Saturday evening Mass please stop by the sacristy when you arrive if you would be willing to serve. Thank you! _____________________________________________________________________________ 

Sunday 10:00AM Mass Schedule

December 3rd - Aaron Rootkie & John Hora

December 10th - Tyler Mohr & William Sykes

December 17th - Vivian Cavallin & Kloey Lind

December 24th - Luke & Allison Hirsch

December 24th - 5:00pm (ICC) - Finn & Aiden Welch, Kloey Lind

December 24th - 10:00pm (Beroun) - (Please visit Msgr if able to attend)

December 25th - Midnight (ICC) - Megan & Ian Du Chene

December 25th - 10:00am (ICC) - Alana & Carolyn Mangan

December 31st - Charlie & Fredrick Ausmus

January 7th - Eli, Noah & Teresa Root

January 14th - John Hora & Tyler Mohr

January 21st - Aaron Rootkie & William Sykes

January 28th - Aidan & Finn Welch

Thank you for your service to me at the Altar! Msgr. Alek Suchan